vmotion – vmotion interface is not configured

Why document this – it’s super easy and 1000 people have already created a very similar document…

I’ve come to discover that most ‘technical’ people are not always the ones who can memorize the most stuff, but rather the ones that keep the best notes.  I.e., memorizing the specifics for each step of the recirculation process for OTV encapsulation/decapsulation = hard.  Working through the process in detail one or two times and documenting it for further reference = much easier.  My documentation habits have been hit or miss to say the least and I’ve come to realize that since I can’t memorize everything I need a good place to store content and (hopefully) find it quickly in the future.  I’m going to try documenting anything that’s helpful to me via public blog so that I can have the content for future reference along with using public search engines to find it. Continue reading

NX-API Part 2

In my previous post (NX-API Part 1) I provided a quick overview of the NX-API sandbox and a pointer to some documentation on Cisco.  There are a few very important concerns that we need to address before we can truly start using the NX-API.  Below is the breakdown of problem/resolutions I encountered while trying to address each concern: Continue reading